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On this website we provide the largest number of Tattoo-friendly Onsen and Hotels available, In both English and Japanese


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Featured Onsen

We have hand selected our choice of the best onsen spots around Japan. Check out our featured onsen for an unforgettable experience.

Featured Tattoo-Friendly Locations

We have hand selected our choice of the best Tattoo-Friendly spots around Japan. Check out our featured locations for an unforgettable experience!

Hyotan Onsen (Oita Prefecture)
Hyotan Onsen is an onsen theme park located in Beppu, the hot spring kingdom of Japan. Here you can enjoy a variety of hot springs, including a waterfall bath, Sand bath, Steam bath, Private baths, and much more. It is truly a hot spring paradise! It is also the only hot spring that has been awarded 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan. The large restaurant that can accommodate 120 people and serves a variety of Oita specialty local dishes including steamed dishes cooked with hot spring steam. It is open from 9 AM until 1 AM, and is a must-visit if you’re traveling in Beppu.
Hottarakashi Onsen (Yamanashi Prefecture)
Hottarakashi Onsen features two open-air natural hot spring baths with magnificent views: Acchi-no-Yu and Kocchi-no-Yu. The superb view and unique sense of openness offered by this place has fascinated many visitors. You can soak in the open-air baths while enjoying the majestic scenery from an elevation of 700 meters. Fresh hot spring flows into the baths continuously, and the water is completely drained and replaced daily to ensure its cleanliness. The place also has an eatery that serves breakfast, a snack corner, and a free rest space. It’s a premium relaxation spot just 100 minutes away from Tokyo.
Hotel Matsubakawa Onsen (Kochi Prefecture)
Hotel Matsubakawa Onsen has skin-beautifying pH 9.6 spring water with a slightly viscous, moisture lotion-like quality. It is rich in alkaline substances that leave your skin smooth after a bath. The onsen features a variety of baths that let you enjoy a luxurious bath time, including an open-air bath with a panoramic view of the surrounding nature, a mist sauna, and a cold water bath. If you prefer to bathe in private, you can use the private bath that includes a rest space equipped with a TV. This place is also popular for its original dishes made with ingredients from the sea, river, and mountains of the Shimanto River basin. Come here to spend a relaxing time away from the bustle of daily life.
Yamato no Yu (Chiba Prefecture)
Yamato no Yu is a premium onsen resort aimed at adults. It is located near Narita International Airport, and is a recommended spot for refreshing yourself while waiting in transit or before or after your flight. Here you can enjoy a bath overflowing with high-quality natural spring water, as well as meals made with fresh seasonal ingredients. The place also has an esthetic spa, a chiropractic salon, a fitness center, and an indoor pool. These replete facilities are perfect for relieving fatigue and soothing your mind and body. The open-air bath with an attached private room is also a popular choice.
Chikurinan Mizuno (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Chikurinan Mizuno is a place to enjoy an onsen in a luxurious private atmosphere. All 14 guest rooms have an attached open-air bath with a view of the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy soaking to your heart’s content 24 hours a day in the hot spring flowing continuously from the source to the property. You can also enjoy popular meals made with plenty of naturally farmed vegetables and fresh seafood from the Ajiro Fishing Port. This fabulous onsen is a great place to spend a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Nikko Station Hotel Classic Eki Spa (Tochigi Prefecture)

Nikko Station Hotel Classic Eki Spa is located right in front of JR Nikko Station, just 1 minute on foot from the ticket gate. Its proximity makes it a convenient base for sightseeing in the area or for day trip bathing. The large bath is generously filled with natural spring water known for its beautifying properties. You can buy a day-use set plan that includes a room, meal, and bath usable for up to 11 hours. You can even leave your luggage in the room and go sightseeing in the area. It’s a great choice for a truly fulfilling trip in Nikko.

Hakuba Ryujin Onsen (Aomori Prefecture)

Hakuba Ryujin Onsen is a day trip onsen facility guaranteed for its hot spring quality. It is located in the suburbs of Hirosaki City, a place famous for the Hirosaki Castle and its cherry blossom festival. The large communal bath here is a sight to behold. The rich natural spring water flows continuously from the source, and its mineral content has deposited and hardened on the floor over the years, forming a rough texture that resembles the scales of a dragon. If you want to relax in private, you can use one of the 6 spacious private baths. After experiencing the power of this onsen, why not rehydrate yourself with a glass of famous Hirosaki apple juice?

Hoheikyo Onsen (Hokkaido)

Hoheikyo Onsen is popular for its large open-air bath that is typical of Hokkaido onsens. Its remarkable size can accommodate up to 200 people at one time, and a bath here is bound to be an unforgettable experience. The 100% free-flowing spring is poured into the bath straight from the source without prior contact with the air, so you can experience its natural quality and efficacy directly. The place also has a popular restaurant that serves Indian curry, soba noodles, jingisukan mutton barbecue, homemade drinks, and other healthy and delicious dishes. There is also an esthetic and massage salon, so you can spend an entire day refreshing your body. This is a great place to enjoy an onsen in a unique location.

Sueyoshi Onsen Miharashi no Yu(Tokyo)

Sueyoshi Onsen Miharashi no Yu is an onsen with a great view of the Pacific Ocean, and is one of the 7 municipally-operated onsens in Tokyo’s Hachijo Island. With nothing to block the view from the bath, you can gaze at the vast open sea in the daytime, or the star-filled sky at night. This is a place to visit for a truly romantic experience, and a travel memory that you will definitely never forget.

Ryokan Kou no Yu (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Ryokan Kou no Yu is known for its private baths that are comparable in size with communal baths. Each of the 9 guest rooms has its own unique onsen bath, all of which are high-quality 100% continuous flow hot springs. For dinner and breakfast, you can enjoy wagyu beef shabu-shabu, Kumamoto specialty basashi horse meat, and other dishes made with fresh local crops and organically-grown rice. These traditional Japanese course dishes are a treat for both the eyes and the palate. This is a place for a luxurious relaxation experience in a private, comfortable atmosphere.

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